Avoid catastrophic losses with prescriptive engineering services

IMI Insyt is the proactive solution for plant failure prevention. Watch our video, then download the brochure to find out how Insyt helps you avoid unexpected shutdowns, lost revenue, and unsafe working conditions.

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Insyt helps you stop failures before they happen

Be proactive

Identify plant and equipment issues before cracks and leaks occur.

Delve into data

Use data-driven analytics to improve plant safety and performance.

Improve your ROI

A system-wide analysis saves plant costs and avoids shutdowns.

Insyt provides a proactive approach to your plant’s problems

Insyt protects your process by predicting problems before they happen. Using data-driven analytics, it identifies misoperation, poor design, and inadequate maintenance – improving plant safety and performance.

System-wide, physics-based analysis, carried out by highly experienced IMI Critical Engineering experts, identifies all needed improvements for desuperheating performance and system control.

Engineering experts with a global reach

With extensive engineering and industry experience, IMI Critical Engineering can review your desuperheater/turbine bypass system: helping you get increased equipment life, reliability, and safety. Starting with a kick-off meeting to discuss plant operation, our experts will identify the data required, then collect and analyze it to determine maintenance requirements, control logic changes, and equipment issues.

We will also produce a report for you, detailing critical operational metrics, and recommend any corrective actions.

Insyt reveals your pipe and equipment health at a glance

Green light

No issues detected. System operating properly.

Amber light

Issues identified. Recommended corrective actions will be provided.

Red light

Potential failure imminent. Immediate action needed to resolve problem.

  • Find out why common plant issues cause cracking
  • Discover how Insyt can help analyze your data to improve performance
  • See the benefits and cost-savings of using Insyt

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