Ricardo study for IMI Critical Engineering identifies significant emissions savings for aftermarket valve components

IMI Critical Engineering (IMI) has partnered with Ricardo to conduct a comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA) for the replacement of a faulty disk stack in an IMI manufactured valve. The study has assessed two sizes of valves: large and small, across three replacement scenarios, including the replacement of a disk stack only through traditional manufacturing methods, full valve replacement through traditional manufacturing methods,and disk stack replacement only via additive manufacturing.

The results for the 16 different environmental indicators covered in this study are presented in the full report for the three-replacement scenarios including both valve sizes. The results show that the additive disk stack replacement via IMI’s Retrofit3D process is the preferable scenario across all the environmental indicators analysed, compared to the traditional disk stack replacement and full valve replacement. The additive disk stack is considered environmentally advantageous over the other scenarios due to the different material and material quantity that is used.

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